May 21-22, 2013 New York, NY
  • New York City
  • New York City
  • New York City
Come Learn About:
  • Big Data analytics in general--including data visualization
  • Database security and data governance
  • Managing and integrating unstructured data
  • Open source solutions in the database and data integration areas
  • Understanding and managing social media data

Robert Hodges
Continuent, Inc.

Robert has over 30 years of experience in database and application engineering. Prior to Continuent, he worked on object-relational databases and transaction processing at Sybase. He also held senior engineering positions at Portera and Exigen Group, where he designed and operated software-as-a-service applications. Robert is the original designer of Continuent's Tungsten clustering products and the main committer on the Tungsten Replicator, a high-performance, open source replicator that is gaining increasing use for data warehouse loading. Robert is a well-known speaker on replication topics in the MySQL community and presents on these and other topics related to data management regularly. He writes regularly about these topics on the Scale-Out Blog (